Fab UK team has been covering some of the biggest events in the United Kingdom and Europe. Fashion Weeks in London, Paris and Milan; Pure London Fashion Show and the vibrant Africa Fashion Week.

In this issue, we are profiling and interviewing FABulous emerging talent and new designers, you will also find some interesting news about Fashion, Film and Arts Special thanks to Universal Music for supplying images and information on the legendary Freddy Mercury’s 70th birthday and the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Abbey Road.
FabUK was also in one of the biggest events in Milan during fashion week.

The ‘White Show’ that brought buyers and designers together. For many, the number 13 can be unlucky but this Friday marks yet another successful issue for us, FabUK issue 13 reminds us that with determination and vision we can create our own luck.


Welcome to the first edition of House of Fab. This annexe aim is to bring to our readers the life, talent and inspirations of designers, models and photographers around the globe.

House of Fab is a sister company of Fab UK Magazine and our media team will be covering most of the projects in there.

House of Fab also has an exclusive group on Facebook which you can ask to join. One of the main requirements to be part of House of Fab is that you need to have a minimum of 5 different catwalks or modelling profiling or a mixture of both. The images also should be taken by a professional photographer.

Once you join our group, you will have easy access to our posts and modelling job opportunities. House of fab will not take commissions or charge the model or designer any fee. Our aim is to build a platform that our members can get the benefit without any cost.

Being a member of the House of Fab gives you priority access to our parties or cocktails, as well as get published in our magazine and our online platform.

I hope you will enjoy our new section and if you wish to be in the next issue contact [email protected]


04 Naomi Campbell
08 Cunnington & Sanderson
10 Two point two
14 Estebanot
16 Candice Maury
18 Fashion News
20 Dreaming of the 1950s
22 Xumu
24 Harem London
25 Soul Seeker
26 Dame Zandra Rhodes
28 Beauty section
32 London Fashion Week
50 African Fashion Week
56 Paris Fashion Week
64 Jacqueline Loekito
70 White Milano Show
74 Milan Fashion Week
76 Venice Film Festival
82 Festival de Cannes Film Week
84 Reviews
86 BFI London Film Festival
88 Cinematic Ambiance
90 Freddie Mercury’s 73rd birthday
92 The Beatles Revisit Abbey Road
96 Violeta Skya
97 West on Sunset
98 AsianAchieversAwards 2019
100 Dali A History Of Painting
104 Dali,Gala and the young lover
105 Dali, A story behind a photo
106 Wedding Mission section
107 Make A Wish
108 Magical Indian Wedding
110 Fancy White Fall 2020

Our team will keep bringing to you not only UK’s news but news from around the world, to keep up-to-date don’t forget to visit our website wwwFabUKmagazine.com

Thanks to being part of Fab UK

Cem Kaplan


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