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Here at FabUK, our team has been hard at work (remotely) designing a new layout for our latest issue, which now features four main categories – Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment and Wedding. Creative industries such as fashion and entertainment have suffered greatly because of the pandemic, but by using digital technology we have all found a way to fight and keep going In the world of fashion, signature events such as the London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks were brought to life digitally. You can see our coverage of these impressive events in the Fashion section of this issue and on our FabUKTv channel on YouTube, where we have uploaded more than 100 videos.


Welcome to Issue 17 of FabUK Magazine.

We have taken a little longer to bring you this latest issue. It is not due to Covid-19, which has become a trendy excuse for every single failure when it comes to not delivering on promises – it is because we wanted to shift FabUK Magazine towards a new direction in reading enjoyment.

In striving to offer you the best of FabUK, we made major changes in Issue 5, Issue 10 and Issue 16 … and we have made even more changes in this exciting issue.

The layout on every page has been improved to highlight the remarkable work of our teams from around the globe in bringing you the latest news and photos from the worlds of fashion and film.

In this issue we feature major fashion and film events in Europe and the USA, including the Cannes, Venice, London and Zurich Film Festivals, as well as the London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks.

With so much wonderful and diverse content, just for this issue we have skipped our Wedding and Music sections – but they will be back next issue.

I would like to specifically thank the layout team who put everything together and also our team members in the UK, Italy, Turkey, France and USA who have contributed such amazing content to create this issue.

Along with our FabUK Magazine, we also bring news 24/7 on our general website fabukmagazine.com and on our other dedicated international websites for Europe (fabuk.eu), USA (fabuk.us), Brasile (fabuk.com.br), Japan (fabuk.jp), France (fabuk.fr), UK (fabukmagazine.co.uk), Turkey ( fabuk.com.tr ), Asia (fabukasia.com).

If you are also into the arts, then you need to visit FabukArt.com. If music is your passion, go to fabukMusic.com, and finally, if you enjoy films, see Fabuk.Tv

We would love to hear your thoughts on our latest publication. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on social media platforms as @fabukmagazine.

On behalf of the team at FabUK, I hope you enjoy all we have to offer in Issue 17!

See you next issue.

Cem Kaplan
FabUK Magazine


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