The Fab UK team have produced another exciting issue, Fabuk Magazine ISSUE 12. A total of nine Fab UK members were at The Cannes Film Festival. Each one of us tried to catch the best moments of the festival, not only while working but also while enjoying the festival. #Fabuk has to especially say thanks to red carpet photographers Brice Anxionnaz & Marcelo Nlele, who stayed under the sun all day to capture the best photos of the stars and Sharjeel Javed who spent hours every day to update our website and social media.

This issue’s cover photo, featuring Elton Jhon, was taken by Brice Anxionnaz and was nominated as one of the festival’s Best Photo by the Cannes Film Festival organisers.

Other Fab UK team members were running from one show to another, delivering news for the magazine and our online platforms.

Fabuk believes that we are getting better and better with each new issue and Issue 12 looks like it might be the best one so far. We hope you will enjoy reading it and that you will soon look forward to issue 13

FabUK is one of the fastest growing media groups, with over 50 team members, mostly contributors and volunteers,each and every one of them fully dedicated to their craft.

FabUk will keep bringing you the best of emerging creatives in the UK and from around the world.

Topics on Issue 12

06 Cannes Film Festival
30 Nikki Beach
32 AFI World Peace Initiative Awards
34 The 529 Club
36 Robert Redford

104 Parliamentary Society
106 BritAsia TV
107 Football for Peace
108 Dali, A History Of Painting
109 Jordi Casals & Dali
114 New Diet Coke Flavours
38 Big league gigs

40 A high end brand photoshoot
42 Day to Night Makeup
44 No-Makeup Makeup Look
46 Muse: get the look
48 Beautifully free
50 Miss USSR UK

37 Symmetry and twins
52 Matryoshka Wadhwani
56 Jayne Elizabeth Millinery
58 Jai Mantra
60 DeVu
61 The Coco London
62 Jai Man
64 Jubel
66 White Milano’s Boyish
68 Pure London Show
70 Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW)
84 London Fashion Week Men
88 London Modest Fashion Week
90 Istanbul Modest Fashion Week
92 Graduate Fashion Week
98 A-COLD-WALL Wins 2019


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